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The Sinful King (Naughty Royals, #1) If You Had Any Ties To Marbella, It Was Impossible For You Not To Have Heard The Stories About Prince Elias And His Debauchery Every Summer He Arrived With His Security Detail And Friends In Tow And Rented Out A Row Of Cottages Near The Water Cottages That Belonged To My Family Each Of Those Summers, My Parents Sent Me Away Summer Camp And Later, Boarding School Anything To Keep Me Away From The Royals And Their Partying I Hadn T Been Home In Years, But When I Finally Come Back For The Summer, I See That Not Much Has Changed Like All The Summers I D Been Gone, Prince Elias Is Back, But This Time With An Incognito Security Detail And No Friends This Time, There Is No Partying, No Noise, No Crowds No Reason At All To Even Think He Was There I M Given Strict Orders Not To Talk To Him, Not To Even Look In His Direction, But He Makes This An Impossible Task I May Be Doing Everything In My Power To Stay Away From Him, But There Is No One In The World Who Can Say No To The Future King Of France

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    4.25 stars You don t have to be a king to change history No, I suppose not He smiled You can be a queen The Sinful King is one of the best royal romances I ve read recently It was the perfect stand alone romance and I devoured it Adeline and Prince Elias meet in an unconventional way The prologue of this book threw me for a loop and I couldn t wait to find out about these two Fast forward years later and Adeline is getting away after a scandal when Prince Elias comes back into her life There is a lot going on in Elias life as well His father, the King, is sick and Elias is the heir There is a lot of pressure on him and the only thing that makes him feel calm and alive is Addie This couple had so many obstacles to overcome The fact that Elias is royalty and Addie is a commoner being the main one I was so anxious to see how everything would turn out They had such a profound connection and the most intense chemistry, I needed them to be together I just wasn t sure how it would all work out This was an epic romance It was beautifully written and I loved the characters and the prose The Sinful King is an addictive read that s full of love, passion, angst, and steam I loved this one and I hope Claire writes from this world I definitely want of these royals You don t curtsy to me, he said into my ear Are you not my King Are you not my world

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    5 I Want You Always stars ARC provided by author Prince Elias is the future king of France, and the most eligible bachelor in the world He and his brother are known as notorious playboys, but Elias has been groomed and prepared to be king his entire life He s under a lot of pressure, and for him everything is about tradition, duty, responsibility, and appearances He lives in Paris, but looks forward to his summers in Marbella It s the only time he can escape the tabloids and paparazzi, and relax He loves being out of the spotlight, and is intrigued by a woman named Adeline She s stunning, and he likes how honest and real she is They share a connection, but his life belongs to the monarchy Adeline Bouchard was born in Marbella but grew up in the states in Connecticut She attended boarding school and then college, and now lives and works in London where she owns and runs her own event planning company She arrived in Marbella for the summer to help her uncle with his bookstore She hasn t been back in five years, but is looking forward to some down time Her family owns and rents out their villas on the beach, and every summer the royals arrive This includes the charming, insanely gorgeous, intense Elias who is preparing to takeover the crown When he begins to pursue her, she knows she should stay away from him, because they could never have a future together He s a man she can never have, but she still wants him When things between them turn complicated will she be forced to let him go, or will she get her fairytale ending I wanted Elias way than I should I only feel free when I m with you The Sinful King by Claire Contreras is a romantic royals standalone story full of chemistry, angst, love, and dreamy delicious princes I loved this book, and fell hard for Elias I need in this world, and would love a story for prince Aramis too NOW AVAILABLE

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    Please make sure your seat backs are upright and your tray tables are.ok I know it s cheesy, but seriously The Sinful King will have you ready to hop a plane to Marbella and the hotspots of France looking for your own future King Claire shows her range of masterful emotions, tension and frankly all the genres in this standalone A surprising follow up release after Half Truths, and I couldn t have been ready for it It s light, ethereal in descriptions, but with an exceptional amount of steam and heat And a plot that will have you wondering what the final choice will be and if you re going to walk away broken hearted No spoilers here, you re just going to have to read it Elias and Adeline await And PS I m now dubbing Claire the queen of prologues She ll leave you gasping every time

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    AVAILABLE NOW FULL REVIEW 5 Sin with Me CROWNSThe Sinful King was everything and nothing like what I expected it to be It was regal with a dash of forbidden and sweet with moments of stolen seduction.Prince Elias really wasn t really what I expected him to be He was grumpy and gruff, but once readers learn of all that weighs on his shoulders and his impending future, it is clear why he is so abrasive at times I couldn t imagine being in his shoes, and so his behaviors and actions make him a sympathetic character And I am not going to lie, this hero straight made me swoon My heart fluttered during certain scenes His romantic game is STRONG The heroine is someone who I enjoyed as well The struggle she goes through as she balances what she wants and what she can have all while trying to protect her heart and live in the moment We live for the moments of being swept away, of someone loving us above all, and I really connected with that aspect of her character It is hard when your logical and emotional side battle, as the heart s desires generally win out So, again, I found myself understanding of her character and her choices I absolutely loved this story It is PURE ROMANCE in every single way It is what we hope for, a love that conquers all, that endures, and that makes us better people I truly get swept away in their courtship, and the grand gesture is the stuff of HAPPILY EVER AFTERS The Sinful King is epic royal romance, every single little girl s fantasy come true with the adult steam romance readers love Don t miss it.Beta Read

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    In the prologue we see how 18 year old Adeline meets a mysterious stranger at a summer party in her hometown of Marbella, Spain.Insta attraction which leads to her losing her virginity to him.Him being as she finds out in the papers the next morning the future King of France Whoopsie Fast forward five years and Adeline is back in town after a tiny little scandal chased her out of London.And the Prince is back too but he might be announcing his engagement any day now LET THE FUN TIMES BEGIN. What will happen to Adeline Elias Will there be a HEA READ THE BOOK TO FIND OUT Adorable I love to read one of those fairy tale far from reality kinds of stories every once in a while.Who didn t want to be a princess as a little girl or boy The Prince of France LOL.It was definitely a cute romance.The cover is super hot and I love the colors And our Prince is very yummy too And so sweet and grumpy and adorable Addie is great too And the friends and siblings too It was a really adorable little fairy tale with lots of funny and sexy moments And some serious royal moments.The whole Spain France thing was a bit weird It didn t make sense Why didn t the royal family summer in the South of France instead of Marbella And you can t drive to Versailles from Marbella in two hours Or from Paris to the beach in Spain in two hours.Maybe Claire should ve stayed in France with her story The Spain part didn t make any sense and it didn t have a thing to do with the story BUT I really liked the book When you overlook a few little details you ll get a great little fairy tale And I will definitely be back to read the royal siblings stories THE SINFUL KING was an adorable french royal fairy tale love story Run to your nearest for your own ELIAS this one is MINE

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    Love is a game You need to play to your heart s advantage This book is a dream come true for all lovers of modern royalty I can t resist love stories about princes and commoners and Claire Contreras brought to life one of my childhood fantasies The Sinful King is an enchanting story of epic love and it utterly and completely swept me off my feet With the perfect amount of tension, sweet moments, angst and sinfully hot scenes Claire made me unable to stop reading this book even for a second Even though this story has all the elements of a classic fairytale with the prince making the common girl fall in love with him, it s perfectly realistic with imperfect and fascinating characters I absolutely adored Adeline, she s an amazing heroine She gives as much as she gets, not caring about the status of the person that treats her poorly She knows her worth and doesn t settle for anything less She s smart, level headed, kind, humble and instantly loveable Elias is honorable, romantic, and so incredibly sexy Everything from his words to his actions proves that he s a real good man, although sometimes his mood got the better of him But even when he does something the reader isn t happy with, it s easy to understand his choices He knows what his obligations are and he tries to fulfil the expectations of the nation.The relationship between Adeline and Elias is developed perfectly, spanning over the time and resulting in an authenticity between them that instantly feels than simple lust I could feel their undeniable chemistry, the longing, their passion and even sorrow Their intense romance made my heart flutter and I needed them to be together just as much as they needed it themselves.Apart from them, I really enjoyed all the secondary characters I loved the cheeky prince Aramis, young Princess Pilar and even the Queen I adored Adeline s relationship with her friends, Etienne and Joslyn I just loved the dynamic between Elias and his friend bodyguard secretary Pierre All of these characters are well developed and I d love to read their stories.The Sinful King is a sexy, heart pounding romance This unputdownable and unforgettable tale is amazingly written and although it s a modern fairytale, it s authentic and packed with amazing twists that will leave you breathless In addition to the epic love story, good drama and flawless prose, Claire gives us wonderful characters that prove that all s fair in love and war This book is addictive, passionate, and absolutely fantastic ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.

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    Claire Contreras isn t just a beautiful face and person, she has written my perfect prince So thank you girl High fives and twirls Prince Elias is smooth, gorgeous, in charge, and absolutely delectable in every way He knows what he wants, puts forward the effort and patiently waits until the moment is his to seize.SWOOOOOON This story had me from the first mysterious night until the lastall while building it up with a sexual tension that could be felt oozing right off my damn kindle Seriously, how do you do it girl Written words that you feel in your soul, it s a gift and I feel blessed to be able to bask in it The push and pull, can they, will he moments had me clutching at my heart and kindle over and over Heart beats quickened, pulse points showed themselves and these two found their way through the maze of public living into a life they could hopefully share Did I mention the sexy times were OFF THE CHIZZARTS Felt that oozing outta my kindle too As always Ms Contreras created another world that I not only want to live in, but want to go back to Thank you xo

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    Ms Contreras drew a wicked picture of a France that still had a king I really liked the way The Sinful King played with how this country might look today if the monarchie still existed I loved the plot in total and her writing was as good as I expected it to be from previous books I read Some of the dialogues I read in this story are sure to make their way into lists with favorite book quotes of that I am sure as they were pretty swoon worthy And honestly, this is also why I do not fully understand my own reaction to the book At first sight it really had everything I love yet I was not able to really go with the flow I tried very hard to love the characters and to feel with them but I could not bring myself to than a LIKE no matter how hard I tried Why Well, I thought hard about that and the only thing I can think of is the beginning of the book The book starts of in a way that I can not connect to I could not understand the way the female lead re acted I naturally understand the allure of mystery and attraction at first sight but I couldn t follow these specific characters on their journey And when the story really picked up a few years later after that opening chapter I struggled with one of the most basic facts that would not leave my mind and when such a detail is burned in my brain I simply can not rid myself of it and it follows me questioning far to much of a plot With as little as possible spoiler I would describe my problem with As a future King of France you should be able to get any information that you really want at any given time and I will leave it at that But these to issues are probably really only my personal problem and others will not mind them at all As I said the plot itself is pretty good and interesting read that will keep the readers hooked PLEASE SUBSCRIBE LIKE FOLLOW US Blog Page

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    5 Cr me de la Cr me The Sinful King has all the pop and flare that I have come to love from Claire Contreras I was swept away and taken on a whirlwind fairytale of an adventure from the prologue to the epilogue They meet in the most remarkable first and foremost of a meet upan unexpected rendezvous Everything went right in the magic of one night Two bodies lost in passion and pleasure with the perception of nothing So they thought, Years later Adeline comes face to face with the darkest shade of green eyes she never forgot or hope to meet again Especially when she s trying to forget the current events that have rocked her entire world With her galloping heart aware of the man who set high standards for any man that came after She must not fail to remember she was there only as a favor to her uncle and not to be the beck and call to the Prince of France Except there was no escaping Prince Elias, because he was every bit of the man she hope would one day whisk her away Every moment of this remarkable journey Eli Addie embarked had my heart racing to higher marks This book is a book of first, and I m happy it was my first book of the year that left an impression, for the rest to come It will be impossible for another to top the king Eli is everything you hope to find in a leader, or in his case a ruler He quickly became the ruler of my heart on how well he handled every obstacle thrown at him, especially the one he gave his highest priority The people of his country were of great importance going forward as the King of France As important was the woman at his side, the jewel in the crown who will lead him to reign As for Addie, she might have not come from royalty, but she sure knew how to bring a king to his knees She certainly ranks high along with the handful of women in fiction that I have read and admired The book is a standalone I do hope Claire plans to cont the series with the secondary characters that helped mold The Sinful King the 5 star read it is Vive la reine For making my heart feel so large, that it might explode It is everything I expected and , much And Claire, just as your kids say, I also think you re the best Thank you for the ARC.

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