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The Punk and the Plaything (When Rivals Play, #3) From Bestselling Author BB Reid Comes A Riveting, Second Chance Romance Never Trust A Nice Ass And A Smile That Girl Is Definitely PoisonWhen I First Came To Blackwood Keep, I Was Just Looking For A Thrill Instead, I Found A Beautiful Fraud A Tomboy My Wildest Dreams Couldn T Conjure Bee Didn T Just Run With Boys She Ran The Boys It Was Only A Matter Of Time Before I Gave Chase It Took One Summer For Me To Win Her Over And Two To Lose Her ForeverMy Summer Love Turned Ice Queen Without Heart Or Thought, She Ruined Me Four Years And An Ocean Between Us, I Still Can T Forget That She Chose My Cousin So I Won TWhen The Clock Strikes Twelve, You Re Mine, Cinderella It S Too Late To Turn Back TimeJameson And Barbette S StoryAre The When Rivals Play Books Standalone Each Novel Depicts A Unique Romance However, The Plots Connect It S Recommended That You Read Them In Order For The Best Experience

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    While fighting demons and giving into desires, a crew is caught up in an age old war between rival gangs When Rivals Play is a new adult series of standalone which includes an enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, second chance, and forbidden romance.Books in When Rivals Play series are stand alones Book 1 The Peer and the PuppetBook 2 The Moth and the FlameBook 3 The Punk and the PlaythingBook 4 The Prince and the Pawn

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    So freaking good If you liked Jameson before, you ll absolutely love him after reading this book He s so amazing But don t sleep on my girl Bee She s everything Full Review To Come BETA READ

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    You re the lyrics to my song, Bette I don t exist without you

    4.5 stars subject to change SO MANY THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS WARRING IN MY HEAD RTC ARC provided by SocialButterfly in exchange for an honest review

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    In love with the cover sigh

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    JAMIE AND Bee own my heart Gah, I couldn t get enough of them or their love And BB has upped her steam level You aren t ready Jamie brings it all And the evolution God, the evolution of BEE I have a girl crush on her for real We have only seen the surface but I m in love with all facets of her And could I love this crew I didn t think so, but I do Wren and Lou, Vaughn and Tyra, Jamie s mom I LOVE THEM ALL Get ready for another amazing ride.Beta Read full review to come

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    I don t even remember who these characters are lol

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    I THINK I DIED AND WENT TO HEAVEN reading this book Ok, actually sometimes I felt like I was in hell Like, I DIED YOU GUUUUUYS See below teaser cries Jamie kept me up until 6 am It s not very often I stay up late into the night reading, but this book was killing me and I NEEDED to know wtf was going to happen next I couldn t put it down I knew I was in for a ride with Bee and Jamie, but man I didn t quite expect to feel all of the feelings I felt SO MANY FEELS My emotions were legit all over the place I felt like a god damn maniac One minute I m moaning, the next I ve got tears in my eyes, the next thing I know I want to throw my fucking kindle, the next minute I m laughing my ass off This love story was everything I hoped it would be I ve been dying for it since I first laid lusty eyes on Jamie His cocky attitude and dirty fucking mouth was EVERYTHING I love in a book boyfriend The things that he would say.CHRIST And Bee, my god, my heart My heart I love her so damn much I LOVE THIS WHOLE GANG with all my heart It was so fun to spend time with Ever, Four, Wren, Lou, Tyra and Vaughn again I love each and every one of these characters I m obsessed The Punk and the Plaything is one of my FAVES in the When Rivals Play series and an absolute TOP FAVE of 2019 I cannot wait for Vaughn and Tyra s book If you haven t read this series, you NEED to Start The When Rivals Play Series here THE PEER AND THE PUPPET book 1 MOTH AND THE FLAME book 2 a novella PUNK AND THE PLAYTHING book 3 Dec 9th bit.ly TPATP GR

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    Ahhh I have been a big fan of B.B Reid s When Rivals Play series for such a long time For that reason I was uber excited to read the third installment in the series as Jamie and Barb have been such key players in the previous books The Punk and The Plaything was EVERY DAMN THANG under the sun and It was deeply emotional and passionate and such an amazing addition to the series Reid did not pull her punches as it was filled to the brim with shady secrets and shocking revelations that I for one could not get enough It was a phenomenal story with a lovestory that could rival the ages Pure Angsty Perfection Without giving away any spoilers, The Punk and The Plaything tells the story of Jamie and Barb Bee and how they came to be at this point in their lives The story opens up where Jamie is steadfastly determined to figure out the truth about Barb and her relationship with Ever But what follows is a deeply tumultuous and angsty rollercoaster ride of epic proportions This story was glorious and sexy af but than anything it was an emotional story of two people in love with a wall of secrets and lies between them I was hung up on every word and never wanted it to end Overall, this story was incredible Jamie was everything I wanted and His camaraderie with his friends and the banter between him and Bee was fiery and always kept me on the edge of my seat I loved their spitfire back and forth exchanges than anything because it showed how much they really cared for one another Bee, in my opinion was perfect She hid behind a facade to protect both Jamie and her heart from further pain I love how this book provided a much needed look in her character and showcases an added depth to her She is than a pretty princess she shows the world and I for one am ready to join her girl gang This was another outstanding book by B.B Reid and I for one am dyinggg for Vaughn and Tyra Bring on The Prince and The Pawn 5 stars Ratula

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    Oh I don t even know if I know where to start on the perfection that is this story This is the third installment in the When Rivals Play series They are standalone, but you really, really should read the first 2.5 installments first to really understand what is going onplus, they are all AMAZING I knew going into it that Jamie was going to be my favorite male lead in this seriesand he damn sure didn t disappoint jamieismine I wanted to jump into the world that is Blackwood Keep and comfort him myself He is hot as hell and definitely has the punk vibe down, but beneath all that is a man yearning for his love while not wanting to give in to that love.Bee I didn t know if I was going to like her at all I mean, for one, I want Jamie to myself, but two following the first 2.5 installments, I didn t know how to take her We know a little back story into her life from the previous installments, but they don t really going into the reality that is her life It is so much than it seems She is the Queen Beebut is she really Overallthis story was, simply put, frickin fantastic I devoured it when I saw it landed on my Kindle Literally read the entire thing in about 5.5 hours Clearly, I could not put it down The chemistry and angst between Jamie and Bee were phenomenal The scenes OMGI wanted to be Bee sooooooo badly So frickin HOT I don t think I can stress just how hot they were BB Reid definitely does not disappoint I will also notethat BB Reid sets up the next installment quite nicely What do I mean by that well, go read this and find out

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