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Her Unexpected Admirer (The Alfieri Saga, #4) Davis Hated Art He Thought The Art World Was Pretentious And Superficial Until That Night In The Gallery, Art Was Only An Investment To Him Something That He Could Buy Now And Sell Later For A Profit So He Was Completely Unprepared For The Emotional Punch He Experienced When He Looked At The Paintings On The Walls At This Gallery Within Five Minutes Of Walking In, He D Bought The Entire Collection Of The Anonymous Artist Kate Couldn T Believe She Let Her Friend Talk Her Into Showing Her Paintings She D Always Considered Her Art Work To Be Private, Simply An Outlet For Her Own Emotions If Her Father Ever Found Out That She Painted, He Would Be Disgusted With Her When She Meets Davis Alfieri, Those Emotions Take A Dangerous, Terrifying Turn, Releasing The Pent Up Passion She D Been Pretending Wasn T Inside Of Her.

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    3.5 stars

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    When I first started reading this, I was thinking, Oh no Here is another overdone flowery, prose like book I really don t like those However, after reading some , I was delighted to find that the prose was appropriate...

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    So far my favourite of this series.Davis and Kate where a lovely couple to watch and learn about.I was not expecting to like this book so much as I did but it was a great thing I did Maybe because I m an accountancy student myself yet or that I did love the way Davis felt with her art The romance was there and it was so great.This was a development in the authors work in my eyes.What it s getting anoying it s the you will marry me parts on this series LOL Men are so sure of themselves but t So far m...

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    Rating 3.5 starsA sweet, quick, fluffy romance I really liked both the hero and the heroine, the pacing was good and the chemistry hot and sexy If there were some inconsistencies or extremely serendipitous occurrences, it was all written in such a charming writing style that it was readily overlooked.A minor grievance the ...

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    I have loved all of Ms Lennox s series The Alfieri Sage and the only reason I didn t give this a 5 star rating, is this book could had done with some GOOD editing Usually I can over look a few mistakes but there was enough to stop the flow of the story which was a shame The story itself was great an...

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    Her Unexpected Admirer Book 4 Marcus was at his parents home and heard an unexpected noise so he went to investigate Julliette was getting something to eat and he startled her not knowing she was there at his Mother s request to care...

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    Love the Alfieri series Davis his kinda a scray hot guy but you grow to love him Kate is needing to get a backbone and love that fact she got one at the end with her man.

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    Ok let me start with that I liked it, with that being said I think the author could work on the dialogs, I found a lot of them naive or pretentious

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    I enjoyed reading about Kate and Dylan but at times I felt the story took too long to move forward compared to other s in the series.

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    All books by Elizabeth Lennox All are extremely entertaining as well as too short.I can t wait for the new ones to hit ..bravo once again.

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